This page exists to make it easier for potential employers to substantiate claims in my job application. It contains samples of my work and links to a number of things referenced in my resumé.

Innovation Law Blog (University of Toronto Faculty of Law)

  • The blog is a joint project between the Centre for Innovation Law and Policy and the Technology and Intellectual Property Group
  • I am the Editor-in-Chief of the blog: Link
  • I approached the CILP with the idea in September, 2009
  • The blog officially launched in January, 2010 (though there are practice posts from November and December)
  • The blog features a mix between short news bulletins and longer editorial pieces

IPilogue (Osgoode Hall Law School)

  • I was the first non-Osgoode student to contribute to the blog
  • IPilogue editors list: Link
  • List of all my IPilogue posts: Link
  • Two posts I’m particularly proud of and why
    • The truth about Wikipedia’s flagged revisions: Link
      • There was a story about Wikipedia getting attention all over the Internet. Problem is, the story wasn’t true. I may have broke the news. This article was cited by some major websites and was the most-read post of 2009 on IPilogue: Link
    • What Jay Leno taught me about domain name disputes: Link
      • This post outlines the uniform domain dispute resolution policy with an explanation of how different factors affect success. There isn’t much secondary literature on the subject, so I learned it by looking at around one hundred arbitration decisions in an evening.

Technology and Intellectual Property Group

  • The TIP Group website and blog: Link


The company is no longer operating, but I have left the website active so former clients can still access the records on the online tracking and billing system.