Saturday, Sep 3, 2011 2:50 pm
William Barnes

I do my best not to criticize other people’s grammar, but if you’re a corporation, you should get it right. I just clicked the +1 button on an article and got told that I “publicly +1’d” the article. Is that correct? Or is like all the signs that say “CD’s”? I’m unsure. The apostrophe means that it is a contraction, i.e., something is missing. Is “+1’d” a contraction of “plus oned”? Or should it have been “+1ed”? Google should have picked a less awkward name for its like button.

I'm back

Monday, Jun 23, 2008 9:34 pm
William Barnes

I am back with a new domain and a new (kind of) backend powering my blog.

I have decided that as I am getting closer and closer to becoming a member of the real world, I ought to start operating under my old name. So I am slowly removing all traces of ‘kilrae’.  This isn’t as easy as it might seem. I have used that name to sign up for online services since I was in the tenth grade (maybe earlier even). It’s worse when you’re given a URL by a service that includes your nickname. For example, my Twitter account is still twitter.com/kilrae. Do I abandon that old one and set up a new one? Probably. I’ve only posted about a dozen times in the past few months.

I have also given up on kS 3.0. It was actually working pretty well, but I just don’t anticipate having the time to polish it up. Instead, I have given in and returned to WordPress. I put up a fully functioning and customized blog in just one day. Now I only have to worry about the hard part: writing. It was so much easier when I could blame my lack of updates on the need to write new features. I fully intend to post multiple times per week starting now. There. I wrote it and will soon publish it (it’s interesting how the act of writing to be read messes with your ability to choose the proper tense). I can’t go back on it now. Archive.org won’t let me.

Finally, I have not yet decided what to do about all my past posts. I could import them to webarnes.ca but I am thinking that, in the interests of a fresh start, I will put kS 2.0 back up on kilrae.ca and leave it as an archive. I have yet to decide.

So, there we have it. My first post on the new blog. Exciting.