Tuesday, Dec 9, 2008 11:07 pm
William Barnes

I would like it if the school would provide iCal schedules for us. It wouldn’t be that hard. The classes are at the same time every week. They would just need to define the classes (Torts MW 9-10 Sep1-Dec 8 ) and then add it together based on our schedules. It would be no more difficult (probably less difficult even) than the HTML tables generated on the website.

Then students could easily import our schedules into whatever calendar software we happen to use. Instead, I must sit down and spend half an hour entering in every class. If we could subscribe to a calendar on the Faculty of Law website, they could even update it when classes are canceled and when makeups are scheduled. Granted, that would be much more work, but wouldn’t it be great?

I wish I knew who to suggest this to.