Predictions 2010: How I Met Your Mother

Thursday, Sep 23, 2010 11:45 am
William Barnes

[Warning: mild spoiler for season six premiere follows]

Season six opens with a wedding. We are meant, at the beginning of the episode, to think that it is Ted’s wedding. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Ted is merely the best man. The obvious inference is that this is Barney’s wedding; probably with Robin. This is far too simple.

I believe there are two possible solutions.

(1) Over the course of the season, we will be introduced to a new character and that character will become friends with Ted and get married; probably to Robin. This would be a let-down which is why I much prefer solution (2) This is Marshall and Lily’s wedding. Wait, what? But Marshall and Lily are already married, you say? You forget, they were married by Barney before the ceremony. I predict that Barney will learn that he was not actually authorized to perform the marriage or for some other reason, their marriage is void. This will happen shortly after Lily learns she is pregnant. Therefore, Marshall and Lily will have to have a second wedding before the baby is born out-of-wedlock.

Restaurant Makeover

Monday, Mar 2, 2009 9:04 pm
William Barnes

Formula for an episode of Restaurant Makeover

  1. Chef and designer make fun of restaurant
  2. Meet the owner, the owner is either:
    1. Proud, or
    2. Improbably accepting of criticism
  3. Money exchanges hands
  4. Construction guy says: “OMG, you want me to do what in how long?!”
  5. Local chef cooks
  6. Imported chef is astonished by lack of talent
  7. Construction guys run into major problems because designer was too ambitious
  8. Imported chef comes up with tasty but impractical dishes
  9. Owners get to see the restaurant and love it

I like this show, but I don’t know why. It is incredibly formulaic (see above). There are slight variations. The owners come in two stereotypes, combative and overly accepting, with the latter being more common. I mean, really, who takes criticism that well? People on TV, that’s who. And people who just dropped $15,000 and want to believe it was well-spent.

I can’t help but feel sorry for the chefs. I wonder how much input they get in the decision to bring in the Restaurant Makeover people. They certainly get the worst deal out of it. Some strange cook comes into their kitchen, makes fun of them on TV, then schools them. Sure, some of them are inept, but some of them (I’m thinking the ones who work at sports bars) are perfectly suited for their type of restaurant and shouldn’t be blamed for not being versed in haute cuisine (or even medium-high cuisine).

There is one episode that I’m very interested to see. They made over my favourite fish place last year. I notice that they didn’t touch the menu–or that the chef rightly ignored any input inport-chef offered (good job Hank!). They did a nice job of lightening the place (which was too dark) but I’m not sure they did much more than take out a sheet of glass and paint the place. I really want to know what they did (and what blasphemous things the evil import people said about the place).