Exam predictions

Thursday, Dec 4, 2008 7:21 pm
William Barnes

I have two exam predictions at the moment. They may be wildly off, but I figured I should write them down for the record.

  • Contracts: A guy has contracted to receive some amenity (like a giant TV for his Superbowl party) and gets an unsuitable item (a smaller TV, for example). He’s suing for expectation, reliance, lost enjoyment, and some really remote damage (maybe he couldn’t enter a contest advertised in the commercials because the TV was too small for him to read the number). We’ll have to consider if he could have mitigated by getting a TV elsewhere.
  • Constitutional: Both the federal and provincial governments pass laws to try and save the auto industry. The laws will be intra vires but conflicting (the federal one will be justified under POGG) and we’ll need to worry about paramountcy.